Wednesday, 2 April 2014

'God's Gift - 14 Days' is so frustrating right now.

So I'm watching God's Gift - 14 Days at the moment and it's so frustrating. The only reason why Saetbyul keeps getting kidnapped and getting into trouble is because Soohyun keeps gallivanting around with or without her daughter "trying to protect her".
There's one thing I must agree upon with her adulterous husband: if she just stayed put with Saetbyul in sight then nothing would happen to her! It's like on the day of Saetbyul's kidnapping; Soohyun acknowledged that it was the day that Saetbyul was going to be kidnapped, still she went out side of Seoul to a unfamiliar place with Saetbyul (she could have easily run off like she always does). And when they were back in Seoul, she left Saetbyul in the care of people she didn't really know so she could go out and "protect Saetbyul" smh. And then Saetbyul ended up running off to that Snake concert, driven to Te-oh's house and got into a lot of trouble. She could have been killed! This is what I'm talking about. If I was Soohyun, on the day of Saetbyul's kidnapping, I would have stayed put indoors with Saetbyul by my side at Ki Dong Chan's house all day. Why didn't she do that? I guess they wouldn't have a drama otherwise because loads of unnecessary stuff has to keep happening in every episode.
It's gotten to the point where I don't even care about these characters anymore. The only one who I feel anything for is Ki Dong Chan. I don't feel bad for Kim Soohyun who keeps running around and effectively putting her daughter in danger. I don't even care about Saetbyul anymore. I'm sorry but the way I see it is that she's just disobedient and keeps running off all the time, talking and trusting random 아저씨's she meets like there is no evil in the world. Her character is supposed to be 10 Korean-age right, so she's 8/9 international age. I'm absolutely certain that when I was that age I was not as naïve and ignorant as Saetbyul (sorry Saetbyul but it's true). Literally if a dodgy man drove up to Saetbyul while she was wandering about by herself in the street and said, "Hey kid! Get in my car." Saetbyul would be like, "OK 아저씨. Where are we off to?" I'm telling you now, even when I was a few years older than Saetbyul if a man called me into his car I would not have said a word and would have run for my life. I'm serious. And that actually did happen once. My grandmother always used to tell me not to go into a man's car if he calls me so I knew better than to waste any time even conversing with any random men on the street.
The thing is, it's hard to believe that Saetbyul was brought up to believe that there are no murderers or rapists in the world and that every person she sees on the street or invading her own home is going to be all helpful and innocent, as her parents' occupations both involve fighting for justice against those kind of people so why does she run around like that's the case. And I really should have known she was gonna be like this when Ki Dong Chan and his crew broke into her home and then she partied with them. What the heck Saetbyul-ah!
I really have nothing more to say on this subject right now.
However, I still think this drama is awesome. At the same time it's really 짜증나. Watch and get annoyed at it with me.

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