Monday, 17 November 2014

Will my future goals make me feel like an adult?

I spoke to my friend about the sub-topic of yesterday's topic about how living with your parents makes you feel more like a kid. Turns out, I'm not the only one that feels this way. My friend lives with her parents too and all her siblings and like me, she feels like a kid and knows she wouldn't feel that way if she lived by herself. We both can't wait to graduate and start our careers but it is super super hard in this country to get your own place once you've graduated (it's hard to do anything once you've graduated). I will graduating later than most of my peers since I'm going to Korea for a year next year, so that day of possibly living by myself is even farther away.

I not so long ago, researched the topic of how one can get themselves a house after they graduate and I came across a thread on The Student Room and the basic answer is that if you want to get yourself a house/flat or rent somewhere, you need to have a lot of savings or you need to stay at home with your parents, get yourself a salary job and save up as much as you can with the money from your salary job and then you can think about getting yourself a place and that's with the way the market is right now. Things will no doubt change and most likely get harder.

Well, looking into the future, my goal is that once I graduate I want to get a English-teaching job in a public school in Korea as soon as possible. The ideal situation would be that it'd be so soon when I manage to get a job that I'd probably be in Korea when it comes to my graduation ceremony (haha too bad ~ but everyone'll know that I've already made it).

I don't know if this'll change by the time it's significant for me but the way it's been in Korea for I don't know how long is that when you get a job at a public school, that school pay's for your house and your furniture. Which is freaking awesome! So that would be my ideal situation: to move to Korea to be a teacher as soon as I'm done with uni and have my own little place high up in Seoul that I can finally call my own, buy my own food, etc. and finally be able to call myself an adult.

Heck, I'll probably never be able to call myself an adult.

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