Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Nasty EXO Rumours

So I've just completely had enough of these baseless rumours about my boys, EXO. My friend sent me a message telling me that Tao was going to leave EXO and my jaw dropped and felt the weight of the world come down on me
only to find out within seconds from my own google search that it was nothing but I tiny tiny rumour that wasn't even on any major kpop blogs. All I could find was a discussion on it on a forum. I'm so pissed off with people that just see a rumour and believe it. I just can't deal with that anymore. And thus my rant commences.

You see, Tao is my second bias and I know him a lot better than that. He's my second bias to Kai (!!), more than all the other members! That also means, I know him better and I know he wouldn't leave. He's so determined and happy in EXO, he would not leave. He was the most upset when Kris left, why would he put the members through that when he and the rest of them went through it twice. What would he do if he left EXO; he doesn't have any acting jobs like Luhan did. I'm not even gonna write about that anymore, cuz it's not gonna happen.
What I WILL write about is this one random baseless rumour, which I found out last night surfaced on Weibo and then expanded to something insane. I'm talking the worst thing that can happen on this Earth before Jesus' return. Basically I saw on a forum, someone had posted the original rumour that one random low life had posted the on Weibo and it was basically that two members of EXO were going to leave; one Chinese member and one Korean member. There was no definite time when these members or one of these members would leave. They didn't say who; it was just that one Chinese member and one Korean member were going to leave and that was it. 
Then there were replies to this thread by English speakers commenting on this after having totally believed it. They were replying saying: The Chinese member is probably Tao and that EXO were probably going to disband after that. And mind you, these are people's own opinions and there's nothing wrong with sharing your opinion which is what I'm doing in this blog but the problem is that someone took the original statement and these opinions and spread it onto other sites and more was added onto it like the snowball effect of more baseless lies being added to that original lie and getting bigger as it went along. And eventually, I saw on tumblr this morning a text post saying: Tao and a Korean member are going to leave EXO in 2015.
Now let me remind you that the original statement did not give any indication of which member was leaving EXO and they also did not say that it was going to be in 2015. This right here is the perfect example of a rumour started by one person being made into an even bigger rumour. Thankfully, some EXO-Ls are pretty past and were already working on cleaning this rumour up before it got even bigger but this highlights an underlying problem much bigger than the EXO fandom. 
There are people in this world that like to make up hurtful things and when they have the possible power to spread that around the internet, they will exploit that power and use that power and hurt an entire fandom of people based on something they completely made up from their not too creative mind.
The EXO fandom is pretty big. There are a hell of a lot of EXO-L's all over the world and people that simply like EXO or just like their music. To be able to effect that much people and hurt that much people in such a small amount of time via the internet is so easy to do and it's powerful. I have a blog, I could do it right now! I still remember that rumour a few years ago that a random made up about Jackie Chan being dead. That was sickening.
It was just two days ago that there were girlfriend rumours to do with Kai. It was absolutely RIDONCULOUS! 
I can't believe it was even believed by anyone. And that alleged picture of them together turned out to be a random gamer couple you could do a google image search and find. I mean, it's nothing short of frustrating how many Kai rumours there have been since day 1 in January 2012 when no one like him cuz they thought he was in too much of EXO's teasers . Since these days there have been so so much rumours of Kai just not being a nice person, being a dick and blah blah blah, it doesn't matter because any EXO fan would know that Jongin is the sweetest little puppy there ever was and he is a wonderful person (yes, he is my ultimate bias and I love him but I'm not biased when I speak this truth). I just hate seeing these rumours because they not only spread this throughout the fandom but they reach the artists and we all know too well when it comes to Tao rumours he knows. He knows them all and as a Tao fan, it hurts. It hurts a lot that people would think less of him because of something someone made up and some more people added to. These people don't matter. These people need to get pure happiness and they're not going to find it from taking it away from others.
Tao and Kai have some real haters and they just love to keep making up rumours about them but as I've learnt in life, people only make up stuff about you when they can't find any dirt on you.
You know what, I'm gonna wrap this up and leave you with an awesome quote from tumblr:
"If you didn't hear it with your own ears or see if with your own eyes, don't invent it with your small mind and share it with your own big mouth."

Thank you.

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