Tuesday, 8 October 2013

I'll never let you be alone.

I can't say that I've had one bad day since I started uni.
Of course, things have not always gone well. Negative things have occurred, mostly down to my own thinking I guess. Like how you think you've made friends with someone and then you realise... you just, haven't. But today ended well.

I met girls who are obsessed with Chinese and Korean guys (*sigh* they remind me of when I was young lol) I personally think that's a little insane and naive to be obsessed over some people like that but hey ...I'm insane too.
I have hope that there might be lots of kpop fans around our campus and we could possibly start a society if we figure out what to do when we meet.
I got some shopping done in my break as well. Of course I ended up going over my budget, but that's a given. I got my Dad a good birthday present after much struggle. And I bumped into a good friend from college that I haven't spoken to since we finished college. We had a nice conversation. I hope I see him around again. It would be nice if I could keep in touch with people from college but keeping-in-touch is really something I'm not good at...

I'm looking forward to meeting even more new people like I did today. That's something I love about uni; you can always meet new people and speak to people you've never spoken to before and they might have similar interests to you.

Well, I'm happy God will never let me be alone at uni. I seriously do like people, God knows that lol :)

Finishing my day with some Hiragana revision for my Japanese lesson tomorrow. I basically know everything. I revised so well in the week.

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